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The Zendrum is a MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) triggering controller designed by drummers to allow musicians to express their creativity in rhythmic and intuitive ways. However, the Zendrum can trigger ANY sound via MIDI, so it is much more than drums yet as easy to play as tapping your desk with your fingers. Unlike a keyboard, there are no moving parts to break or wear out. It is a handcrafted instrument carved from fine woods, assembled and tested by the inventors. Each Zendrum is a work of art, manufactured with careful attention to detail and high quality.

The FutureDrum Symposium is a regional event for drummers to learn about the latest trends in electronic percussion and to share their experiences with each other. It will be held in Akron, Ohio on September 22nd, 2007.

The Most Powerful Electronic Drums on the Planet The makers of all the fine KAT percussion pads.
Knipe Drums
An excellent craftsman of superb shells. Attention to detail is the hallmark of Knipe Drums.
Stealth Drums
Creator of the A-to-EZ eDrum conversion kits. This site is a great place to see drool-worthy kits.
Vircussion Exploring the boundries of Virtual Percussion, Vircussion!


Memory Suppliers
These guys have the 16MB CF cards for the TD-20. And USPS shipping is free. They also take credit cards and PayPal. Give them a check.